At SEI Club we work hard to ensure that each and every member has an exceptionally positive matchmaking and dating experience. Member feedback is always appreciated. We keep in close contact with each member to be sure each person is having an excellent and enjoyable experience. Below please find genuine reviews  from elite gentlemen and women members who have participated in the club's exclusive matchmaking and dating services.

Leslie J.

Thank you so much for introducing me to Michael. I’ve never loved and respected a man so much. He’s the perfect balance to everything I am…he’s my yang to my yin. Now that we’re together I can’t even imagine life without him. You guys really know what you’re doing.  Thank you so much!!  Read More

Phillip S.

Sheila is a lot more laid back than I’m used to. Most of the women I’ve dated in the past were so uptight and girly. Sheila knows how baseball is played, she loves sports just as much as I do, but she also looks smoking hot all the time…A true stunner….it’s still early in the game but I can see myself with her long term…I’ll let you guys know how it pans out. For now, no more new matches. I like her a ton.  Read More
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SEI Club Reviews

Sage M.

I appreciate the SEI Club team for being so caring. The way you take note of every minute detail is incredibly appreciated…and hard to find. This is the first time that I am dating a gentleman through any matchmaking agency and I must say that you guys know the real meaning of a perfect match. Bruce and I have become really close and are seeing each other regularly at this point. We are having a great time together. Perhaps I HAVE found my Mr. Right through SEI Club. Only time will tell. For now just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done so far. It is very much appreciated in my case.
Kevin J.

All of a sudden my life has taken a wonderful turn…those days when I used to feel lonely after getting back home from office are simply gone! Jemmie and I are a couple now…we spend many evenings together…All the credit goes to SEI Club for this wonderful happiness…As everyone says, you’re the best!
Austin B.

SEI really did something very special for me…I feel that if I do not thank you guys, it would be very wrong on my part…You people made me believe in love the second time..

After my beloved wife succumbed to a heart attack, I decided to spend the rest of my life with her memories. Our only daughter was married and settled. After some time, I started feeling very lonely and understood that it is very hard to live with only memories… you need a person to share your life with.

I was not too comfortable with the idea of dating, and that too at 57 years of age. I did contact two or three dating agencies, met great ladies, but somehow the chemistry was not up to the mark. I had almost given up hope when one of my colleagues suggested SEI Club, telling me that his daughter had had a great time and was now settled with a man she met through them. There was a bit of doubt in my mind as to whether the team would be successful in finding someone suitable for my age.

In SEI Club I met a couple of ladies who were elegant and established, but the magic wasn’t there yet. I got a little discouraged because I just wanted to find someone special already…Then one morning they called me to confirm my date with Clara. By then I was getting impatient with dating as a whole – of course I still I agreed for the date since the other women I had met were great in their own ways, and the rest is history!

Clara, an entrepreneur, is seven years younger than me, and after our first date we became good friends…She is strong, beautiful, charming, easygoing…. in fact, a real gem. We are almost six months together and the relationship is going wonderfully strong.

It was SEI Club who brought us together. A great achievement indeed to make two people happy by bringing them together! Loads of thanks for our journey of love…