SEI Club Reviews - Men

Below find some select SEI Club reviews from recent male matchmaking and dating club members.
Greg L.

What a live wire Jess is! She has so much energy. And she’s gorgeous. We’re seeing each other again next week. Super excited – seems like she has a lot to offer.

Mark A.

I feel so lucky to have met Trisha. She’s happy, positive, beautiful….everything I told you I wanted in a partner. I never thought I would want kids again but when I look at her I see a whole world filled with potentials I had previously written off. I have a new lease on life with Trisha. She’s much younger than I initially expected – thank you for talking me into meeting her. Just like you said, she’s wise beyond her years. Seeing her beautiful face in the morning makes me feel blessed in a deep way. You can post this on your review site: Anyone who doesn’t jump at the chance to date through SEI Club is nuts.
Seth P.

I was hesitant to begin this service. Generally being a skeptic, I was of the camp that it all seemed too good to be true. I'm really glad I took the plunge with you guys (always follow my gut). So far every woman you've introduced me to is beautiful (inside and outside just as you stated they would be). I couldn't have asked for a better experience. This is my absolute go-to for dating. Very impressive.
Mikey M.

I went on my first date with Sophie and it went on great. We had drinks together and it was great to be in her company. Thanks guys for the introduction!