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Nina K.

While in college, I dated one or two guys, but no, they were nowhere close to my definition of my dream man. I don’t say they were bad, but I did not feel that any of them could be my life partner. It was just about keeping it light then.
After my college days, I joined my dad in this business, and after his sudden death took up the responsibility of handling the total business affairs. I became so engrossed in my professional life that I hardly knew how time passed, and I was 33 years old. My success in my business made me happy, but there was nobody with whom I could share that success except my mother, who repeatedly kept on telling me that it is high time I needed a companion for life.

My excessive involvement in my professional life made me very businesslike and I did not have the mentality to date someone. One of my employees, who is also a very good friend, suggested that I try out an elite dating club, who would arrange meetings with people who match my specified criteria.

At first I was a little hesitant to approach SEI Club because I did not find much information on their website about how they could help me. Still, I liked what I saw so decided to give it a try and approached your team (I must say it’s a lovely team!). After a couple of dates I met Joe.
I do not know how I would express that, but from our very first meeting, Joe made me feel wonderfully at ease, as if I had known him for years. He is also a business person, and over a beautiful dinner, we shared so many laughs and great conversation. I soon came to know that both Joe and I are in the same boat on so many key issues.

From business conferences to exhibitions and hiking trips, we started accompanying each other almost everywhere. None of us verbally expressed any romantic feeling, but it was perhaps always there. So, it was quite natural for me to say yes, when he wanted to move ahead with marriage.

We have been married for the past eight months, and Joe is simply great as a husband, very close to the dream man I wanted in my life. Thanks SEI Club for making it possible! Love you people!
Abe T.

The journey with SEI Club has been very pleasant all through, and I am extremely delighted with the sensitivity of the team and their ability to understand the “pulse” of club members. I met Mary about five months ago through, and was taken aback by her cool attitude which is expected of gentlemen rather than ladies. She is a career professional, and from our subsequent dates I soon came to realize that she was well aware of the challenges associated with my demanding profession, and had no problems with that.
A wonderful bond of romance and friendship has developed between us and we are now seeing each other quite often, taking the much needed time out of our hectic schedules. We are enjoying each other tremendously and I may think of tying the knot sometime later. Want to thank the entire SEI Club team for these amazing moments Mary and I share together!
Richard P.

At first I was a little impatient, but now I must say, the time you took was worth it! 
Betty has all those qualities I had always wanted in a woman. She is understanding, has a sense of humor and is very caring. Truly guys, this was perhaps beyond my expectations; I had never expected my date to be so superb.

Thank you so much for bringing in such a wonderful companion in my life. Betty has truly made my life a blissful heaven. Wonderful work guys! Hope you continue to bring happiness in many more lives.
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